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About me

… 2de graaf van Dumontagne, grooteigenaar van het internationale bedrijf Berts room dot com, groothandelaar in allerlei noodzakelijke goederen en gedachtengoed…. (zoals beschreven door Ruben Bellanger)

First of all, a very warm welcome to my blog. This is where I publish my ideas, views and where I share my walk of life with you.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’ve lived in Brussels and Madrid. Love Brussels, but loved Madrid even more. After graduating in Commercial Sciences (International Business/Relations) I studied Latin American studies at Universidad de Alcalá. Defying the many warnings of a possible future deception, I study Latin America from an economical perspective.

Studying Latin America confronts you with a beautiful continent full of surprises, both in a positive and negative way. You get to learn new and exciting people who show you what Latin America really is. Studying the continent has been one roller coaster full of exciting events. It has confronted me the hard facts of international politics, multinational business and aristocratic governance. It is a fight with my own beliefs, convictions and values.

I work as a Management Consultant for a Consultancy Firm located in Belgium. I hope this job will bring an international aspect to life, allowing me to meet new and interesting people.

I hope I may share my quest with you. Entries will be in English, sometimes in Spanish. At times in Dutch. The one truth does not exist, so please do share your comments with me!