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  • Chiang Mai: Happy New Year!

    Chiang Mai: Happy New Year!

    January 2nd, 2014, writing from Chiang Mai. When last year in my hometown a true Thai festival -under the patronage of the Thai ambassador- was organized, I was impressed and amazed by the entrepreneurial spirit and managerial skills exhibited by the Thai women present. If not surprised at the number of Thai currently living in…

  • Travellog: Amphawa, a way of life.

    Travellog: Amphawa, a way of life.

    December  21st, 2013, writing at San Sook Guestplace, Ayuthaya. In this economy, it’s all about “experiences” and less about goods. These are not my words, but those of a close personal friend and entrepreneur. I believe he is right. We love, live by and are constantly seeking trusted and new experiences alike. One recent experience…